A newly commissioned portrait of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has been unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery, London, it was announced today (Thursday 28 May 2015.) A painted bronze sculpture, by artist Sean Henry, shows Berners-Lee standing at two-thirds life-size on a tall plinth, carrying the leather rucksack in which he keeps his laptop. Apart from photographs, it is the computer scientist’s first commissioned portrait. Sean Henry spent two days with Berners-Lee in Boston, observing and photographing him at work and visiting him at home, before inviting him to two further sittings at Henry’s studio in Britain. Commissioned by the Gallery in celebration of Sir Tim’s 60th birthday, and made possible by J.P. Morgan, the selection of Sean Henry to make a painted sculpture came out of discussions with the sitter and his wife, and the wish to move away from the usual photographic depicti

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