One of the founding principles of the National Gallery was to provide a source of inspiration and study for artists. The National Gallery has an ongoing programme of exhibitions and displays which show the work of modern and contemporary artists that arouses curiosity and invites comparisons with its collection. This summer a new display Art in Dialogue: Duccio | Caro brings together two works of art made almost 700 years apart: ‘The Annunciation’ by the Sienese painter Duccio (active 1278–1319), and ‘Duccio Variations No. 3’ by one of the greatest British sculptors of his generation: Sir Anthony Caro OM, RA (1924–2013). This is a creative dialogue, and each work of art changes our experience of the other. These two works have never been seen together before. This display is on show during the second anniversary of Caro’s death and has the full support of his family. It was a project close to the heart of Ca

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