The art movement ZERO is enjoying a widespread renaissance at the moment – and with it, the person and diverse oeuvre of Heinz Mack, one of its main protagonists. The latest exhibition in Museum Frieder Burda is devoted to a particular aspect of his creative work – his reliefs, which serve as outstanding examples of his plastic-sculptural works because they give expression to one of the central factors of his artistic approach: the interplay between light and shade. Heinz Mack, who was born in 1931 in Lollar, Hessen, and Otto Piene jointly founded the group ZERO in Dusseldorf around 1957/58. They were soon joined by Günther Uecker. Even at this early stage, Mack began addressing the subjects of vibration and light. His early pictures, called Dynamic Structures, are deliberately reduced to a scale of black and white values and based on vertical or horizontal straight lines. Later, he

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