Sculptures by a renowned Soviet artist on show in central Moscow were smashed after being denounced by Orthodox activists as ‘blasphemous’ ‘Delusional people came to the exhibition who broke several works belonging to the Manege collection, by Vadim Sidur,’ said a spokeswoman for the Manege art centre by the Kremlin walls, Yelena Karneyeva, referring to the activists. ‘Several sculptures are completely smashed,’ she told AFP, adding that police had come and led away the activists. The works were made of plaster and linoleum. A police spokesman told AFP that he could ‘confirm the incident happened and that currently all the participants of the conflict have been taken to the station to write statements.’ A well-known Orthodox activist Dmitry Tsorionov, known by the nickname Dmitry Enteo, earlier said he was at the Manege exhibition centre. ‘We called the police,’ he said. ‘They will close the exhibition for offending believers.’ Enteo, quoted by Interfax news agency, had said the exhibi

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