With ‘Glances over Latin America’ Espaciofoto Gallery (Viriato, 53, Madrid) offers a tour over the photographic archive of Miguel Bergasa, surely one of the most comprehensive Spanish photographers on the subject, both for the period of time and the territory covered. Composed of 28 black and white photographs taken on a period of more than 30 years, the exhibition gets into PhotoEspaña 2015 schedule. The exhibition begins in June 3 and will finish in July 31. In 1983, Miguel Bergasa started travelling to Latin America, an activity that continued in a regular way until today, visiting Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile, Uruguay, Panama and Mexico. In these countries he made various reportages, including one about life of the Mennonites in Paraguay, the pilots of aircraft butchers in Bolivia or the ‘day of the dead’ in Mexico. The work presented in Espaciofoto offers

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