As migrant tragedies overflow in the news cycle, especially in Europe, a new movie opening in France puts a human — and artistic — face on the phenomenon up on the big screen. ‘Mediterranea’, a first feature by US-Italian director Jonas Carpignano who was part of the shooting crew on the well-received 2012 film ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, follows two Africans as they make an odyssey to Europe — and to disillusionment. It starts in Algeria and moves to Libya, a launching-off point for some of the many perilous cross-Mediterranean boat trips being made by hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees each year. It then goes on to show the dangers and hard slog as the two main characters make it to Italy. One of the characters is played by Koudous Seihon, and the story is inspired by his true-life story: born in Ghana he first went to Burkina Faso after the death of his father then

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