Nancy Margolis Gallery presents Melodie Provenzano’s first solo exhibition with the gallery titled “Stealth Peace” opening Thursday, May 14, 6-8pm, and on view through June 27, 2015. Provenzano will show a new series of highly detailed paintings of single objects and still lifes. “Over the years I have collected hundreds of objects. I have containers stacked to the ceiling in my studio filled with toys, glassware, figurines, bows and other various things. It’s a well of inspiration that I rely upon when composing the still lifes that I draw and paint from direct observation. The artworks are like a catalog of dreams with layers of meaning open to interpretation. One may find impressions, reflections and sensations as various as the objects in them. The meanings are revealed through visual metaphors of the experiences that we share as human beings, dependent as much upon where

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