Often called the “West Coast Warhol,” Richard Duardo (1952–2014) was a master printer, as well as an artist in his own right, and a driving force in the contemporary art world of Los Angeles. He printed for the likes of David Hockney, Shepard Fairey, and Keith Haring. Duardo’s last print workshop Modern Multiples produced some of the most important Latino and Chicano prints of the last decade, including many of the works featured in the McNay’s exhibition Estampas de la Raza. Maestro of Pop features the master printer’s own prints, including his images of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, and many others. Duardo always wanted to keep up with the young and the fresh in the art world and in culture in general, so it is not surprising that one of his last works, also featured in the show, is a portrait of Miley Cyrus. The exhibition, conceived by Lyle Williams, McNay curator of print

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