Through a dramatic use of original music, powerful visuals, and the written yet unspoken word, New York artist Lesley Dill blurs the lines between theatrical performance and visual art in a thought provoking exhibition now open at the McNay Art Museum. Interweaving aspects of contemporary art and theatre, Lesley Dill: Performance as Art is Dill’s first exhibition to focus solely on her emotionally evocative work in performance, bringing together a number of performance garments, works of art, ephemera, and video from more than two decades. Garments executed and used in performances demonstrate Dill’s ability to juxtapose language with sculptural elements in a wide range of materials. The artist’s tour de force opera, Divide Light, 2008, is prominently featured. Conceived by Dill, the opera is based on the complete works of poet Emily Dickinson. “This exhibition is about the way an animated

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