Family of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda said Thursday forensic experts have found evidence of a massive bacterial infection in his remains, increasing their suspicion that he was poisoned by dictator Augusto Pinochet’s regime. Doubts have surrounded the cause of the Nobel laureate’s 1973 death since his former driver claimed Neruda was given a mysterious injection in his chest at the Santiago clinic where he was being treated for prostate cancer. Neruda, who had been planning to leave for Mexico to lead the opposition to Pinochet’s regime, died hours after the injection. He was 69. The cause of death was given as advanced prostate cancer, but in 2011 officials agreed to a request from the Chilean Communist Party, of which Neruda was a member, to exhume his body for analysis. In 2013, Chile’s forensic medicine service ruled that ‘no relevant chemical agents’ could be linked to his death. But a new examination by forensic experts at the Universidad de

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