Markus Lüpertz was invited by Arnulf Rainer to personally plan an exhibition for the museum. Rainer gave his friend and fellow artist unlimited access as far as selecting works was concerned and carte blanche with the exhibition spaces in the museum. Thus Markus Lüpertz, unhindered by stipulations as to content and free from any other restriction, has realised a composed dialogue between painting and sculpture. The title of the exhibition draws attention to the fact that, considering the oeuvre of the two artists, it is factually correct to use the description, bildende Kunst. The German phrase contains layered meanings the most common being ‘visual art’. However, bildende also resonates with ‘educational’ ‘formative’ or ‘continutive’ all of which speaks to the stratified reception of the works of both Markus Lüpertz and Arnulf Rainer. In the exhibition the pictures are ‘irritated’ by plastic

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