For centuries Christie’s has been the auction house of choice for landmark sales of French decorative arts, including the Givenchy, Lagerfeld, Ojjeh, Rothschild, Wildenstein, Riahi and Champalimaud collections. This tradition continues with Taste of the Royal Court: Important French Furniture and Works of Art from a Private Collection, in London on 9 July. Comprising 22 superb examples of 18th century French decorative arts, this sale exemplifies the outstanding quality and prestigious provenance that has driven the most refined and exacting collectors throughout the centuries in their passionate pursuit for exquisite objects. The furniture and works of art in the collection, many of which are at auction for the first time, were created for some of the most celebrated patrons of the 18th century: Queen Marie Antoinette, Duke Albert de Saxe-Teschen, Jean Baptiste de

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