The Worcester Art Museum announced today at its Annual Meeting that Joe Bafaro Jr. will be the next President of the Board, and will be joined by four new Trustees: Sarah G. Berry, James C. Donnelly, Jr., Mark W. Fuller, and Malcolm A. Rogers. Former President of the Board, Cliff Schorer, and former Chair of the Governance Committee, Marie Angelini, will be rotating off. Joseph J. Bafaro Jr. takes over from outgoing President Catherine M. Colinvaux, under whose leadership the Board supported Matthias Waschek, the C. Jean and Myles McDonough Director, in accomplishing a number of strategic objectives. Among them was the integration of the Higgins Armory collection, institutional capacity building, and increasing the Museum’s visibility on a national level. The Board also provided crucial support for the creation of the new access bridge.

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