Andy Warhol’s Dollar Sign from 1982, estimated at £400,000-600,000, is one of the highlights of Bonhams Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale in London on 1 July. The work is arguably the best of its kind ever to come to auction. Unusually large for this series, and marked by its intensity and clarity of colour, this exceptional example is also fresh to the market. Composed of thick vivid paint forming five dollar signs against a jet black background, the painting embodies Warhol at his most animated. Dollar Sign is a case of Warhol not just making money out of art, but making art out of money. In his book, Warhol, David Bourdon writes that the series can be seen as ‘insolent reminders that pictures by brand-name artists are metaphors for money”. That never bothered Warhol, who brazenly declared his interest in making money from his art with his Factory ‘production line’. The artist wrote in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: &#

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