Lazarides Rathbone announces a major exhibition of multifaceted paintings by British artist Ian Francis. The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer is focused on a new series of mixed media works depicting the coexistence of beauty and destruction in modern society. The Bristol-based artist celebrates his third full-scale solo exhibition at Rathbone Place this year, once again transporting his viewers into other-worldly realms, littered with subconscious realities and blurred boundaries synonymous with his work to date. The artist’s cross-disciplinary approach weaves intricate layers of both painting and drawing to create distinctly ultra-modern works, providing a powerful dialogue between contemporary techniques and dystopian cinematic content. Francis utilises a high-contrast mixture of oil, ink, acrylic, graphite and charcoal to construct works that are both dramatically appealing and visually striking, whilst alluding to underlying notes

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