The Whitechapel Gallery presents a major exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Corin Sworn (b.1976) for the fifth edition of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, a biannual award established in 2005 to promote and support women artists in the UK. Sworn creates films and installations deeply rooted in research, weaving together history with memories and fragments of true or imagined stories. Her new large-scale installation draws from the characters and tales of the Commedia dell’Arte, improvised plays from the 16th century which originated in Italy where they continue to be of great cultural importance. Featuring a dramatic stage set with props, costumes, sound and video elements the new work is a result of Sworn’s 2014 Italian residency awarded as part of the Prize. Performed by travelling troupes of actors who existed on the fringes of late-renaissance society, Commedia dell’Arte

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