The Civics’ major autumn exhibition Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood presents over 150 inspirational knitwear pieces from the collection of Mark and Cleo Butterfield, on show to the public from 5 September – 13 November. Curator at The Civic, David Sinclair comments: “The Gallery@ The Civic, is delighted to be hosting this major retrospective from the Fashion and Textile Museum.” The exhibition presents highlights from designs by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and rare crocheted evening dresses from the 1930s to late 20th century innovations by Vivienne Westwood. Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood charts the influence of the art movements Pop, Punk and Deconstruction alongside new knitwear technologies and design innovation. Curator of the Fashion and Textile Museum, Dennis Nothdruft said: “Knitwear is imbued with narrative and memory. This exhibition is a way of accessing other people’s stories, in particu

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