Soviet Photo was the most popular in the USSR periodical on photography with the focus both on professional and amateur photographers. During its lifetime from 1926 till 1997 the magazine witnessed all key figures of the photographic life of the country. Despite obvious governmental control over the magazine, it managed to become a flexible enough and virtually single platform for thorough discussion of photography, held by key art historians, critics, professional photographers and – not least importantly – amateurs from all over the union. Soviet Photo also published leading scientists’ articles, covering technical aspects and details of photographic process. Among theorist who contributed to the magazine at varying times were Ilya Ehrenburg, Viktor Shklovsky, Lev Anninsky, Sergey Morozov, L. Volkov-Lannit, Anry Vartanov, Valery Stigneev, etc. After the logic of the magazine, that was for a long time subtitled as “the magazine of photo reportage and

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