In its thirteenth edition, from 4 to 6 June, the fair has taken the pulse of the tendencies in video art with a careful selection of 45 artists’ works (12 hours and 10 minutes of video), among which are included 15 worldwide releases (the 60% of the works have been produced during 2015), presented by their local, national and international galleries and invited by an international committee formed by video collectors and activists Isabelle Lemaître, Josée i Marc Gensollen, Haro Cumbusyan and Renee Drake, and chaired by Jean-Conrad Lemaître. For the first time, in tune with these subject lines, the fair includes a selection of galleries that present sound projects curated by Anne-Laure Chamboissier (specialist in sound art). It includes artists such as Iñaki Bonillas (ProjecteSD, Barcelona), Michele Spanghero (Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin) and Susan Philipsz (Ellen de Bruijne

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