Made for the 2015 Breckenridge International Festival of Art, this ephemeral sculpture was made on site, and is part of the festival’s Trail Mix series. While artists Bremner and Talty were making the piece, each afternoon at 2:30, musicians would arrive and entertain hikers and bikers who’d made the trek on the Moonstone trail that links Carter Park with Moonstone Road. The artwork is situated on town open space where lodgepole pines litter the forest’s floor, today, having come quickly to the end of their short life cycle. Lodgepoles took over after native spruce and fir were cleared or destroyed by man-made and natural fires during the Colorado mining boom. They are still the predominant tree in Summit County’s forest although vulnerable to the pine beetle. The sculpture is titled Hume’s Guillotine. “Is” does not make “ought” – that’s

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