Ayyam Gallery Beirut is presenting Light as Form, a collective exhibition that brings together the diverse works of Mounzer Kamnakache, Thaier Helal, and Farzad Kohan. Although employing divergent aesthetics and addressing a range of subject matter, the featured artists all incorporate the concept of light as a formal property that also functions as a signifier. Contrasts in light serve as a way to guide the viewer across the canvas, highlighting key areas of the composition, while simultaneously symbolising various phenomena, giving each work a sense of movement across space and time. By using this technique, Kamnakache, Helal, and Kohan depict evolving processes in which their subjects appear to grow or change within the boundaries of the picture plane. In Kamnakache’s untitled paintings, for example, sun-drenched scenes of his recurring scarlet heroine describe the cyclical nature

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