The 235 photographs on display in the exhibition Life is Strange. Photographic discoveries in popular magazine ‘Het Leven’ represent a unique opportunity to be present at hundreds of extraordinary occasions, long after the event. The creators of these images, each a wonderful record of the petite histoire of the day, were usually anonymous photographers. The photographs themselves are drawn from the collection Spaarnestad held in the National Archives of the Netherlands in The Hague, the largest press and documentary photograph collection in the country. From this unique repository of twelve million original prints the photographer and curator Rob Moorees selected a very special 235 to venture, briefly, beyond the confines of their archive boxes. ‘There are famous news photos that gained iconic status because of the importance of the occasion they documented: the Eiffel Tower under construction, American soldiers planting a flag on Iwo Jima. Such photos are regarded as the depicti

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