Rochechouart Museum of Contemporary Art is presenting Laure Prouvost: We Will Go Far (On ira loin), her first solo exhibition in a French museum. Winner of the prestigious Turner Prize in 2013, Laure Prouvost (born in 1978, lives between London and Antwerp) structures her work as independent story strands that weave and intersect from piece to piece. Her artistic output constantly returns to the narrative potential of objects, sound and cinematic tropes. Her immersive and carefully staged environments and videos explore the boundaries between fantasy and reality, leaving room to imagine new meanings within humorous mistakes and mistranslations. These selected works underscore elements characteristic of her work since the mysterious disappearance of her grandfather, a conceptual artist who attempted to dig a tunnel from his living room all the way to North Africa. Laure Prouvost’s most emblematic works can be seen here: Wantee (2013)

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