A total of 520,698 visitors came to see the Late Rembrandt exhibition between 12 February and 17 May 2015. Never before has a Rijksmuseum exhibition attracted so many visitors. Previous records were also associated with Rembrandt (1956, 1969, 1991). “The Rijksmuseum is proud that so many people have come to see this unique exhibition, including such a large number of new visitors.”
General Director Wim Pijbes At the same time as the Late Rembrandt exhibition, which was opened by King Willem-Alexander, the Rembrandt House Museum presented Rembrandt’s Late Pupils. This exhibition was visited by 70,000 people, which was also a record for the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. The majority of Late Rembrandt visitors came from the Netherlands (81%). Over half of the visitors (54%) were visiting the Rijksmuseum for the first time. A remarkably large number of young people also visited the exhibition, which means that the Rijksm

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