La Casa Encendida, which is part of the Fundación Montemadrid, presents ARSTRONOMY. Incursiones en el cosmos, an ambitious exhibition curated by Danielle Tilkin that immerses us in the complex world of the cosmos through a reflection on space travel. The astral, the cosmic, the scientific and the ufological, all themes that run through the art of the 20th century, have often been a basic source of inspiration, thought and provocation in contemporary art. For thousands of years we have asked the same questions. The enigma of whether or not we are alone in the universe has fascinated some, shaken others and inspired most. In the fifties, in the midst of the controversy surrounding the utopian and the scientific, space became, for some, a metaphor for escape and the yearning for freedom and, for others, a search for everything that has yet to be revealed and understood. The

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