Held from 1 April to 6 July 2015, the exhibition Keys to a passion welcomed 400,000 visitors. This exhibition gathered a select choice of major works which have been key to the development of modernity and have changed the course of art history in the 20th century. It included works from artists such as Mondrian, Malevich, Rothko, Delaunay, Léger, Picabia, Munch, Dix, Giacometti, Matisse, Kupka and Severini. The exhibition was arranged around four sequences, which echo the four “lines” that underpin the Foundation’s contemporary collection: subjective expressionism, contemplative, popist and music. From 25 July, the current third hang, focusing on the popist and music/sound lines, will be enhanced by the screening of videos based on sources from popular music, to be exhibited in the ground-floor rooms. The work of Cyprien Gaillard, Mark Leckey, Philippe Parreno, Rineke

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