Brazilian millionaire Bernardo Paz has dedicated his life to turning a vast outdoor park of tropical rainforest studded with contemporary art works into one of the most original museums in the world. Part botanical garden, part gallery, Inhotim is the expression of Paz’s unstoppable dream — and of the fortune he amassed in iron ore mining when Chinese demand for raw materials was booming. But today, while the tycoon’s dream is intact, Brazil’s economic crisis and the drop in China’s appetite mean his fortune can no longer keep up. Inhotim covers the area of about 300 football pitches, an oasis of tropical rainforest in the heart of Brazil’s mining region Minas Gerais. Dotted through the foliage are hundreds of works of art produced by some 200 international artists. And despite being far from the main cities of Rio or Sao Paulo, almost half a million make the journey here

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