Consider the once gaudily painted Acropolis in Athens, the brightly coloured steel minimalism of the New Generation, Anthony Caro’s vivid red ‘Early One Morning’ or more recently Katharina Fritsch’s fibreglass ‘Hahn/Cock’. Colour in sculpture is not a new phenomenon. The development of vibrant colour in bronze however is, and Jon Buck’s work over the past three decades has continued to push its boundaries. ‘Coded for Colour’ will chart this intriguing journey from Buck’s early, brightly painted resin sculptures to a new, striking and monumental bronze. Brightness of colour and the totemic characters of the dog and bird are distinctive features of Jon Buck’s sculpture. Features that are in part inspired from his experiences working as a bird keeper at Bristol Zoo in his youth. His focus on colour however derives from something much deeper. Colour is a major part of the human

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