Robert Blumenthal Gallery presents Day Gazer, Jessie Edelman’s first solo show with the gallery. Edelman’s Day Gazer series are richly-colored seascapes, each featuring female figures in the foreground. In these lush frame-within-a-frame compositions, the central figure reconstructs the act of looking. Facing away from the viewer, these women gaze ponderously into both the second frame and the seascapes before us. If Cézanne’s The Bather (1885) inaugurated modern painting with its subject “stepping out” of the illusionistic space of the picture plane, today Edelman’s picture-within-a-picture renews this spatial tension through an oppositional relationship to attention, time, and screens. As Michelle Grabner notes in an essay accompanying the exhibition, Edelman “examines the suspension of time as represented by figures gazing away from the space

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