Martos Gallery presents Mrs. Thompson’s Mirror, an exhibition by Jennie Jieun Lee, open from May 14 through June 20, 2015. For her first solo show in New York, Lee presents a series of new ceramic masks and vessels paired with wallpaper designed by the artist. Identifying with ceramicists such as Simon Carroll and Alison Britton, Lee’s work coincides with the history and spirit of abstract painting. Freely thrown layers of clay and glaze are amassed— dripped, overlaid, poured, splattered and sponged—forming a harmonious network of shape, gesture and color. Puddles of pastel pinks, blues and yellows brush up against thick metallic pigments that cinematically spill across the surface like rain. Entrenched in personal history and introspection the masks and vessels vibrate with visceral emotions ranging from distress and rage to elation and hysteria. These progressions

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