Italian artist Marcello Lo Giudice presents a new collection of never before seen paintings at Opera Gallery London. The new collection consists of 15 new paintings in Lo Giudice’s signature style. Recognised for his unique structure of colours, oils and pigments that are densely layered and coated, buried and re-emerging, laid one upon the other under various phases of scratchings, abrasions, removals and levels, Lo Giudice’s canvases give shape to the matte and inconsistent bodies of hue and material. Through this painting technique, the surface develops interlaced designs, crossroads and interferences. ‘I consider and believe Lo Guidice to be part of the Italian abstract movement from the end of the 20th Century. His art and technique is unique.’ Jean-David Malat, Director and Curator A graduate of geology Marcello Lo Giudice’s works emphasize the recurrent affinity between

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