Appraisal Associates has a wealth of experience generating appraisal documents for both insurance coverage and loss or damage and claim scenarios. Put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you and your clients.

Insurance loss or damage and claim

Appraisal Associates has wide experience valuing art, antiques, and collectibles involved in insurance claims. From single-item claims worth less than a thousand dollars to large collections worth many millions of dollars, we have the breadth of knowledge and valuation expertise adjusters require. Appraisal Associates also provides insurance adjusters with loss-of-value appraisal reports. Tackling complex issues such as inherent vice, the assessment of restoration quality, and the impact of condition on value, we use our knowledge and experience to help you solve your art and antiques-related claim problems.

Please note that under certain circumstances, GST/HST exemptions apply to claim-related appraisals. We will be pleased to direct you to the relevant CRA Info Sheet for further details.

Insurance coverage referrals

Insurance agents and brokers can take the guesswork out of referring clients to an appraiser by contacting Appraisal Associates. We provide industry-standard appraisal reports of art, antiques and decorative art for insurance coverage purposes. Our firm works on a confidential basis, provides a high level of attentive service, and will help you to protect your clients’ valuable personal property. Appraisal Associates has been in business for a quarter of a century and places a high priority on serving the insurance industry and their clients.