The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian presents “The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire,” the first major bilingual exhibition on one of the greatest civilizations in South America, June 26 through June 1, 2018. It will explore why and to what end the Inka Road was built more than 500 years ago, and how its construction, without the use of metal or iron, the wheel or stock animals to pull heavy loads, stands as one of the greatest engineering feats. The museum uses the Inka spelling rather than the more common Inca because it is consistent with the usage of the original traditional South American language of Quechua and in line with the museum’s policy on Native-language preservation. The paved road is more than 24,000 miles in length, runs north to south crossing through Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The Inka

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