Ingrid Deuss Gallery presents E.k.t.i.n., a series of new photographs by New York based artist, Marianna Rothen, and curated by Andi Potamkin, also of New York. The works that comprise E.t.k.i.n. are derived from Rothen’s art direction and still photography from the film Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, directed by Gregory Perano. Born in Canada in 1982, Rothen became a model at age 15. She subsequently spent several years traveling and working, all the while documenting her modeling experience though photography. She now focuses her camera on mostly female characters set within the scope of a nostalgic dystopia. Combined with decrepit interiors, wilderness and seductive subjects, Rothen’s photographs emanate overtones of mystery and dissatisfaction that are subsumed into a larger narrative. Rothen utilizes natural or available light and blends traditional photographic processes with digital media. Since 2007, her wo

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