It was a symbol of the Mexico City landscape, zooming, honking and fuming in the mega-capital’s infamously dense traffic. But the beloved Volkswagen Beetle is nearly extinct, a victim of anti-pollution campaigns. A few ‘vochos,’ as the curvy car is known in Mexico, can still be spotted occasionally in the city’s chaotic streets while so-called ‘Vochomania’ clubs of collectors try to keep it alive. But the once ubiquitous white and green — and later red and gold — Beetle taxis that clogged boulevards are gone from the metropolis, home to 20 million people and four million cars. ‘We could have thought about keeping a few in the historic center to preserve the symbol. But it wasn’t meant to be,’ said Rodrigo Diaz, an urban planning consultant who writes a blog on transport issues. The unceremonious demise of the vocho is

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