The New Art Centre announces that Howard Hodgkin is showing a large, new painting in the Orangery at Roche Court, entitled ‘Arriving’ it is the second in the series of single-picture exhibitions which began last year with Bridget Riley’s ‘Sentito (Blue)’. ‘Arriving’ revisits Hodgkin’s preoccupation with the theme of travel, particularly through India, and with a sweeping tide of colour and gesture he recreates a sense of place combined with more ineffable qualities such as mood and emotion. As Shanay Jhaveri has written in the catalogue accompanying Hodgkin’s most recent exhibition in Mumbai (2015): Over the years, Hodgkin has repeatedly journeyed through India. He has looked on its landscape, meditated upon it, luxuriated in its beauty, confronted its toughness, and permitted the sensations that it provoked to remain, linger, and on occasion overwhelm him. The

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