When Britpop legends Blur released an album inspired by Hong Kong one local artist got the chance to tell the band’s story in pictures, suddenly finding a global audience for his politically charged representations of the city. Kongkee, 38, is known in Hong Kong for comic creations and animations ranging from streetwise vigilante ‘Pandaman’ to cute penguins warning of nuclear radiation. Now his work is being seen across the world as the British band tour their new ‘The Magic Whip’ album, partly written and recorded in Hong Kong, with an accompanying comic book by Kongkee which plunges the musicians into a sci-fi caper around the city. The story features the artist’s signature pandas and penguins, flying ice-cream vans and a zombie remote-controlled by police, all set against Hong Kong’s towering skyline. Kongkee will meet Blur for the first time when they play in Hong Kong Wednesday — the only Asia date on their world tour. The new album came out of an unscheduled visit to the city i

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