Dr. Elizabeth Galindo Roberts was a renowned couture designer, historical research and costume design consultant for cinema, and conservation and preservation expert in textiles and accessories. Dr. Galindo Roberts brought extraordinary enthusiasm and energy to pass on her vast and broad knowledge to the next generation of students wishing to pursue careers in fashion, design, theater and film, and costume-making. Having studied extensively abroad, Dr. Galindo Roberts was known as a leading expert in designing and creating hand-made clothing patterns, unique textiles, burnt-out velvets, stenciled velvets and hand-painted silks using centuries-old “originary craft practices.” In fact, she earned a Certificate in Weaving from Fondazione Arte della Seta LISIO in Florence, Italy, where she learned some of the finest and oldest techniques for weaving silks and precious metals. Also in Florence, Italy, she earned a Certificate in the Art of Silkscreen Textile Printing and

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