On May 23rd, 2015, the Hilti Art Foundation opened its own exhibition building in the middle of Vaduz. Thereby, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is being enriched with a high-ranking and well known international private art collection. 50 select paintings, statues, sculptures and objects ranging from the Classic Modern Age to the present can be viewed. Since its founding 15 years ago the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein has embarked on a tight cooperation with the Hilti Art Foundation. Consequently, several pieces of art belonging to the collection, which has been systematically compiled by Hilti since the early 1990s, have been displayed in exhibitions of the art museum. This cooperation is now continued and intensified thanks to new premises. It serves to complement and mutually strengthen the various focuses of the collections. Last but not least, the design of the new home of the Hilti Art Foundation in the shape of a cube

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