Anish Kapoor’s Untitled 2012 is one of the star lots at Bonhams Postwar and Contemporary sale on July 1. Estimated at £400,000-600,000, the monumental convex disc is one of his signature mirrored works, with the stainless steel coated in a thin layer of magenta lacquer. Reflecting whatever stands before it, Untitled 2012 distorts, mutates and twists the world around it, the shapes that it holds moving and turning as the viewer approaches or retreats. As a pure concave surface, the work also picks up sound from all over the room and bounces it out from the centre, and producing an echo. Kapoor’s instantly recognizable, circular mirrored works have made the London-based artist a household name. Untitled 2012 is the climax of years of experimentation: the idea may be simple, but the execution is long, complicated and precise, and the results are complex and astounding.

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