More than two years after masterpieces looted by the Nazi regime were discovered in a Munich apartment, the first artwork was returned to the heirs of its original owner Friday. The 1921 painting Seated Woman, also known as Woman with a Fan, originally belonged to Paul Rosenberg, but was looted as he fled from Germany to France in the 40s. It was discovered in 2012 among a trove of stashed artworks in the Munich flat of reclusive collector Cornelius Gurlitt. Lawyer Chris Marinello, who represents the heirs of Paris-based dealer Paul Rosenberg and traveled to Munich to pick up the painting, said he was delighted with its return and hopes the German government ‘will act with expediency and transparency in reviewing and resolving other claims to the Gurlitt pictures.’ The Museum of Fine Arts in Bern agreed in November to accept the controversial inheritance of Cornelius Gurlitt, son of a Nazi-era art dealer. Gurlitt, who died in May last year, left behind a spectacular stash of art in his

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