This week marked the 200th Anniversary of the momentous Battle of Waterloo. Viewed by many as the day that decided the fate of Europe, the Battle of Waterloo was an epic showdown between two of history’s military giants. To celebrate this historical occasion, Godson & Coles will offer at Masterpiece London a historical and rare George III period cabinet that belonged to Henry William Paget, The First Marquess of Anglesey, who fought alongside the Duke of Wellington on this day in 1815. Henry, Lord Paget (1768-1854) took over Plas Newydd on his father’s death in 1812. This remarkable soldier was considered le plus beau garcon d’Angleterre and never lost his looks. He was described as ‘A tall, well-made man; wild, martial face, high forehead, with a large hawk’s nose, which makes a small, deep angle where it joins the forehead. A great deal of ease in his manners’. He

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