Hauser & Wirth announced its exclusive worldwide representation of the Estate of Fausto Melotti (1901 – 1986), the Italian sculptor, installation artist, and poet admired for his unique contribution to the development of mid-century European Modernism. Born in Rovereto, Italy, Melotti studied sculpture at the Brera Academy in Milan, where he met lifelong friend Lucio Fontana. Before turning to art, Melotti studied music, mathematics and engineering – disciplines that exerted clear influence upon his distinctive practice across subsequent decades. Often linked with titans of the postwar era, such as Calder, Fontana, and Giacometti, Melotti moved freely among mediums, incorporating plaster, ceramics, metal and fabric into his work. His delicate sculptures often exploited flexible metals – brass, copper and bronze – with fragments of coarse cloth or shimmering gauze, to create

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