Galerie Argentic is exhibiting a series of hand-retouched press photographs from director Raynal Pellicer’s collection. The exhibition runs from 3 April to 20 June 2015. Gathered over the course of several years’ research, Raynal Pellicer’s collection brings together around a hundred photographs which have all been carefully selected for their aesthetic qualities and sheer rarity. This collection – the only one of its kind – was exhibited in 2013 during the Rencontres Photographie in Arles. The exhibition was a resounding success and gave rise to a book entitled Version Originale , published by Editions de La Martinière. The Galerie Argentic exhibition focuses on around thirty iconic works featuring a range of personalities who will be sure to stir visitors’ memories of the silver screen. This exhibition, La Fabrique des Icônes ( The Idol Factory ), revolves around an examination of the very concept of images.

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