Pace Hong Kong is presenting Chewing Gum, a group exhibition of artists from across generations and nationalities. The exhibition is on view from 12 May to 3 June 2015. Against teleological modes of eating, chewing gum stresses the moment of taste and texture. This notion unites the group of artists in the exhibition, all of whom have highly process-oriented practices in media such as installation, painting, photography, sculpture and video, dwelling on ideas of production and meditation. In his seminal 1967 text “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art,” Sol LeWitt wrote, “No matter what form [a work] may finally have it must begin with an idea. It is the process of conception and realization with which the artist is concerned.” A 1998 gouache by LeWitt highlights the interplay between lyricism and conceptual apparatuses in the artist’s work. LeWitt’s idea-based approach to art

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