Taymour Grahne Gallery presents Formal Relations, a group exhibition curated by Kamrooz Aram and Murtaza Vali, featuring work by Abdolreza Aminlari, Doug Ashford, Fayçal Baghriche, Eva Berendes, Ala Ebtekar, Michelle Grabner, Yamini Nayar and Zarina. Presenting an international and intergenerational selection of artists, Formal Relations brings together various abstract works that trouble the conventional opposition between form and content. Challenging the autonomy often ascribed to abstract form, these works establish relations to broader social, political and historical realities and concerns through form. The artists in Formal Relations leverage abstraction’s interpretive openness and multiplicity to make the formal more receptive to the real, to discourses outside and beyond itself. Doug Ashford’s inkjet prints and paintings in tempera place abstraction in proximity

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