Beyond Memory is Tomoko Yoneda’s first UK solo exhibition in ten years. The exhibition will bring together photographs from the past 14 years depicting landscapes and interiors that have been marked in some way by destructive forces. Yoneda selects her subjects after careful research – the sea, the forest, flowers and derelict buildings have been chosen to illuminate aspects of twentieth century conflicts. The titles of her works provide clues to the complex and troubling narratives of the past. In the series ‘Scene ‘ (2000 – 2007) the photograph Seascape depicts the beach at Bertigoga, Brazil, where Dr Josef Mengele drowned; Wedding shows a wedding party on the Dandong River which divides North Korea and China; and Forest portrays Delville Wood, France, the location of the Battle of the Somme in the First World War. For the series ‘Japanese House’ (2010) Yoneda photographed homes built in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, during the Japanese occupation fro

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