The acclaimed Korean artist Jungjin Lee is having her inaugural exhibition at Howard Greenberg Gallery from October 29 – December 12, 2015. Jungjin Lee: Unnamed Road/Everglades presents photographs from two recent series. Unnamed Road is a body of work on Israel and the West Bank; with Everglades, Lee turns her focus to the Florida Everglades. Jungjin Lee’s photography is imbued with elemental vastness and wonder. A former assistant of Robert Frank, she creates meditative landscapes with a unique interplay between image and material, capturing moments in time that are uniquely her own. Using a multilayered process that integrates elements of painting, Lee’s photographs exude a materiality not often found in photography. She aims to find “a fundamental essence of things being captured through my intuition, the inner state of my mind, beyond my thinking.” Lee was one of twelve renowned photographers who tra

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