Far from the limelight of Cannes, Greece’s last painter of film posters toils away in a little garden studio to deliver his latest commission. Vassilis Dimitriou is 80 years old, works alone and knows his days on the job are numbered — his left hand trembles from the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. But Dimitriou, a survivor of Greece’s wartime occupation by the Nazis, remains determined to fight his lonely battle against digital printing for as long as he can. For him, it’s an art that truly comes from the heart. For more than 65 years, the diminutive, beret-sporting artist has depicted all the big names, but some he pays extra attention to. ‘Those I love, I draw well. Those I don’t love, I don’t draw well,’ Dimitriou told AFP. ‘For instance I have drawn Clint Eastwood 50 times. If I close my eyes now I can start drawing Clint Eastwood,’ he adds. During the 1960s when cinema was at its

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