Gilberto Giovagnoli’s work is driven by contemplations of sovereignty, tyranny, eroticism and transgression – all given free reign within his self-conceived utopian chaos. Giovagnoli was born in 1954, in the tiny Republic of San Marino, and received his BA from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, Italy in 1975. After several years of critical success, his artistic career experienced a self-imposed six-year hiatus, during which time his focus shifted to existential ruminations on politics, dictatorships and Stalin. Following this period, the artist never fully conformed to modern luxuries (i.e driver’s license, smartphone, internet, television), instead submerging himself in literature, in particular that of Louis-Ferdinand Celine and Georges Bataille, and the music of The Animals. In his first-ever trip to and exhibition in the United States, Giovagnoli brings ‘The Worst’ of the past three

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